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Recent projects

J.Ripley, A.Hegade, R.S.Chandramouli, N. Yunes (2023)

We analyzed data from the binary neutron star event GW170817 and obtained the first constraint on the dissipative tidal deformability which is potentially induced by internal dissipative (viscous) processes. Our constraint makes contact with nuclear physics by indirectly probing finite temperature and out-of-equilibrium effects. By assuming an average temperature, we can place preliminary constraints on the viscosity profile of the neutron star. More detailed analysis is needed to directly measure the temperature of the stars and to infer specific microphysics models. We also make forecasts of the potential detectability (an improvement over just a constraint) of the dissipative tidal deformability with future gravitational wave observations. Click here for my slides from the Midwest Relativity Meeting 2023. 

R.S.Chandramouli, K.Prokup, N.Yunes (2023)

We are currently investigating the systematic bias induced by neglecting spin precession and higher modes. We find that the bias can be strong enough to contaminate parameterized tests of general relativity. Here you can find the preliminary results that I presented at the 2023 April APS meeting.

R.S.Chandramouli, N.Yunes (2022)

We constructed `read-to-use' Fourier-domain gravitational waveforms from an inner binary in a hierarchical triple, by accounting for the Kozai-Lidov oscillations induced by the third body. We modeled the effect to leading order in conservative and dissipative dynamics and found that there is a strong imprint on the gravitational-wave amplitude and a measurable effect on the gravitational-wave phase. Click here to view a poster on this project, presented at the inaugural ICASU conference and here to view the PRD publication.